Exotic One Single Piece Solid Wood Dining Tables From Live edge Tamarind Slab Table, With  burgundy on the middle and light Tan, one of kind.

Natural Matte Finished, The dimensions : L 99.5 " X W 37-38" X H 30" x T 3 " (TM015) Seats 8 To 10 chairs.

This is natural color without stain.

100" Amazing Dining Table Live edge, Slab Tamarind Wood, one of a kind, 8.TM015

SKU: TM015
  • Exotic One Single Piece live edge Solid Wood Dining Tables From Tamarind Wood also known as Tamarindus indica.

    Tamarind is a beautiful hardwood with magnificent grain and colors.

    Heartwood is a deep reddish brown, sometimes with a purplish hue—heartwood portions of Tamarind tend to be narrow and are usually only present in older and larger trees. The pale yellow sapwood is very wide and sharply demarcated from the heartwood. Spalting and other discoloration are very common in the sapwood.

    The Grain is wavy and interlocked with a medium uniform texture.

    All of our wood comes from Indonesia and is plantation grown specifically harvested for furniture and artisan carvings. 

    When purchased, we apply a minimum of three coats of Polyurethane, or a Lacquer of your choice, to accentuate the wood before it’s shipped. The table’s legs are also perfectly matched and made from the same slab of wood as the tabletop.